As the Romans learned, pozzolans, like those used in the Magna Wall™ line of products, bring many advantages to stuccos, mortars and masonry cements, including:

Increased Workability

Spherical particle shapes act like ball bearings under the trowel.

Growth in Strength

Conventional products reach 90% of their ultimate strength within 28-days. Magna Wall's™ pozzolanic products continue to gain strength over very long periods of tme.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is enhanced by careful adjustment of particle sizes, by converting free lime into insoluble cement binder, and by developing a paste that does not contain inert particles.

Improved Flexural Strength

Pozzolan particles prove internal bracing between cement particles on a microscopic level.

Reduced Efflorescence

When Portland cement hydrates, soluble free-lime is given off which can migrate to the surface to form efflorescence. Pozzolans capture that free-lime and convert it into insoluble cement binder.


Magna Wall Acrylic & Elastomeric Coatings (Textured)

Magna Wall Elastomeric Coatings

Magna Wall FRS (Fiber-Reinforced Stucco)

Magna Wall Scratch and Brown with Fiber

Magna Wall Plactic Cement

Magna Wall Mortar Cement Type S


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