Magna Wall™ premium stuccos and coatings are a long-lasting and competitively priced line of products used across the U.S. Magna Wall™ premium stuccos have demonstrated their value in a variety of applications, including the construction of single family, multi-family, commercial and industrial structures, as well as retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing projects. Magna Wall™ acrylic and elastomeric coatings (textured), are based upon 100% acrylic polymers. Magna Wall™ elastomeric coatings (non-textured) are based upon a 100% acrylic co-polymer elastomeric resin. Both coatings provide outstanding service-life at low temperatures and after exposure to the weather. Magna Wall™ coatings also resist mildew growth, rain stain and dirt pickup, and are also highly chalk-resistant.

Magna Wall™ has added mortars and masonry cements to its line of premium products. Magna Wall™ stuccos, mortars and masonry cements are not only the best and most user-friendly products on the market, they are also the greenest. The use of fly ash as a recovered resource reduces depletion of natural resources and conserves landfill space. It also reduces the energy-intensive manufacturing of other concrete ingredients, leading to savings in both energy usage and emissions of greenhouse gases. The spherical particles of fly ash, often referred to as pozzolans, are active ingredients that provide significant increase in the durability and strength of Magna Wall™ products.


Magna Wall Acrylic & Elastomeric Coatings (Textured)

Magna Wall Elastomeric Coatings

Magna Wall FRS (Fiber-Reinforced Stucco)

Magna Wall Scratch and Brown with Fiber

Magna Wall Plactic Cement

Magna Wall Mortar Cement Type S


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