As a member of the US Green Building Council, Magna WallT is committed to advancing the built environment in a healthy and responsible manner. A key characteristic of Magna WallT stuccos, mortars, and masonry cements that differentiates them from other products is their sensitivity to the environment.

The USGBC created the LEED� rating systems to define "green building" by establishing a common standard of measurement, promote integrated, whole-building design practices, recognize environmental leadership in the building industry, stimulate green competition, raise consumer awareness of green building benefits, and transform the building market. Magna WallT products should be used in conjunction with other green building strategies to maximize these efforts.

Using Magna WallT products in building projects can help achieve LEED� credits in the following areas under the LEED-NC� 2.1 rating system:

MR Credit 4.1 - Recycled Content

As a reclaimed post-industrial waste product, the fly ash in Magna WallT Products should be used as part of the calculation for this credit.

MR Credit 5.1 - Regional Materials

Magna WallT manufacturing facilities are located throughout the country. Contact Magna WallT at 800-626-4391 to determine if a manufacturing plant is located within a 500 mile radius of your building site.

MR Credit 5.2 - Regional Materials

If you qualify for the MR Credit 5.1, contact Magna Wall at 1-844-576-1364 to determine if the fly ash and other raw materials in Magna WallT products were recovered and extracted within 500 miles of your building site.

ID Credit 1.1 - Innovation in Design

The use of fly ash, a post-industrial waste product, not only conserves landfill space, but directly contributes to reduced cement production, eliminating significant carbon dioxide emissions. The use of Magna WallT products, coupled with other innovative strategies and a comprehensive emission-reduction plan may qualify for an innovation credit in the LEED-NC� system. Magna WallT encourages detailed study of credit interpretations in the ID category to best determine the feasibility of achieving this credit.

For further details or information about how Magna WallT products can contribute to credits under the LEED-NC�, LEED-EB�, LEED-CS�, LEED-H�, or LEED-CI� rating systems, contact Magna WallT at 281-209-0683. Our LEED� Accredited Professionals can further assist you with information and resources. Using Magna WallT products will not guarantee points in the LEED� rating systems.


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